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Evaluation of the performance of the Board of Directors is a recent phenomenon in India arising largely from the Companies Act, 2013 and the SEBI regulations issued in 2015.

Even prior to this there have been Companies in India which have taken a keen interest in the role & structure of the Board and have taken initiatives to go beyond legal compliance towards making the best use of the high profile & experienced talent they have accumulated in their Boards. But these have been few and far between.

Director evaluationpro offers a simple & discreet platform to facilitate director evaluation.

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At this point, the journey appears to be as follows.

“Why should boards exhibit less responsibility than they require of the people who work for them? Why should the parts of an organisation make more sense than the whole? Why must the most powerful organizational unit be less studied, least developed, and least rational? Why should board be excused from taking responsibility for their own jobs?..... given the massive accountabilities and powers of boards, why should we not expect heroic performance? Do we have any right to accept less?” “virtually without question we countenance far less competence in boards than we demand in pilots, surgeons, cosmetologists”. Dr. John Carver – Creator of Model Policy Governance

What makes a great Board member?

1.They come prepared and keep their commitments.

2.They are not frightened of speaking their mind.

3.They build independent relationships with key management staff and each other

4.They are resource rich.

5.They are strategically creative and operationally distant.

"Boards are increasingly self-aware of their performance and desirous of improvement. The best boards seem to make a material contribution to their companies, and activist investors are calling attention to the laggard boards where high performance is noticeably absent. Consequently, boards are assessing their own operation, their composition, and their impact annually as part of a new discipline, which is often aided by outsiders who help ensure a balanced assessment and professional process” Tom Manning. Corporate Advisor & Board Director

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